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Radiation Therapist

Career data updated last on 10/8/2014
Radiation Therapist Radiation therapists administer radiation treatment for cancer by exposing specific areas of the patient's body to carefully controlled doses of radiation. They use care to protect the patient and themselves and to use strict safety procedures. Radiation therapists work under the supervision of radiation oncologists (physicians who specialize in the treatment of cancer with radiation).
Salary $45.72 hourly- $95.090 annually
Significant Points Projected 2002-12 employment change will be faster than average.
Work Environment Radiation therapists work in cancer treatment centers and oncology (cancer treatment) units of hospitals. Radiation hazards exist but are minimized by following strict procedures and using protective equipment.
High School Prep A high school diploma or equivalent is required with significant course work in mathematics and science.
Academic Requirements Training usually takes one to two years depending on previous education and experience. Applicants to one-year programs must have graduated from an accredited program in radiologic technology or a related allied health field. Two year programs require a high school diploma or equivalent with an educational background in science and mathematics. Training covers medical terminology, human anatomy and physiology, radiation physics, dosimetry, chemistry and oncology techniques, and related areas of patient care, safety and quality control. Graduates of these accredited programs are eligible for a certification examination offered by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists.


Community College of Denver-Lowry Campus
Certificate Degree Certificate

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